Case study: Three years EO: how we’ve taken employee engagement to a new level

Sharing the rewards of your business’ success with employee owners creates a powerful incentive to engage in the business and work together to improve performance.

Driven by the core value that ‘People Matter’ – the team, their clients and their community – Paradigm Norton have taken employee engagement to a new level.

Since becoming employee owned in March 2019, Paradigm Norton have experienced a positive impact on employee wellbeing resulting from transparency, shared information and a shared vision.

William Pratt, co-founder and Finance Director and Judith Thorne, Head of People of Paradigm Norton will be sharing some of their story and insights with you

In this session you will gain insight into:

  • Paradigm Norton’s three-pillar approach to engaging people in the business – Information, Influence and Reward
  • Paradigm Norton’s regular approach to sharing business and financial information.
  • How Paradigm Norton reward colleagues – both financially (including profit share) and non-financially.
  • Their approach to measuring employee engagement.
  • How and what they are communicating to their team (now all called Partners) at their fortnightly ‘Partner Huddle’


Hosted by Judith Thorne & William Pratt