Seminar: Your roadmap to net zero

Government has called on businesses to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. Even the smallest businesses produce carbon emissions – through your building, your vehicles and your suppliers.

Having exercised their credentials as sustainability consultants for the UK Government for COP26 and the G7 Summit, Natasha Connolly, Associate Director and Kathryn Hall, Associate from Arup will help delegates set out steps towards a net zero plan for their organisation.

Your journey to net zero can positively impact your business too, saving your business money, improving your reputation, future proofing your business and igniting your employee-owners’ passions to be part of the solution.

Learning outcomes for delegates

  • A roadmap to help you achieve net zero.
  • Influencing behaviours to support your net zero plan.
  • Cutting carbon emissions through your supply chain and realising wider sustainability benefits.
  • Considerations for your carbon offsetting strategy.

Hosted by Natasha Connolly & Kathryn Hall