Case study: How our employee app is reaching all employees and driving engagement

Reaching a dispersed workforce had always been a challenge for WCF, having 350 employee owners working at almost 30 locations across the UK in a range of different environments – from oil distribution depots to campsites, retail stores, warehouses and offices – over half are non-desk based and didn’t need access to email.

With the goal of bringing people together to create a shared sense of ownership and pride, as well as to ensuring communications were inclusive and in real-time, the pandemic accelerated plans to develop a mobile-first employee engagement app. It’s all being done in a way that isn’t seen as a ‘head office initiative’ and without additional resource.

Karen Kelso, Head of People and Culture at WCF, will share the care and attention that went into planning and creating the app specifically for their employee owners. You’ll learn:

  • How engaging teams in the development of the app is resulting in greater engagement.
  • The barriers that needed to be addressed to enhance engagement.
  • How a balance of work-related and social content is driving engagement, including becoming a vital part of the pre-onboarding process.
  • How ‘app champions’ have built momentum and are driving engagement.

Hosted by Karen Kelso