Case study: Early years being EO; lessons learned

You will hear first hand experience and lessons learned from two businesses on the early years of being employee owned.

"The way the business runs has fundamentally changed since the transition"

Just over a year ago Salad Creative transitioned to employee ownership. They joined a set of like-minded businesses who’ve seen the opportunity and benefits of employee ownership and made the leap.

But what has it actually meant?

It’s been a huge year of discovery and learning. The way the business runs has fundamentally changed since the transition. Join Arabella Lewis-Smith, Founder and MD of Salad Creative for an honest account of how becoming employee owned has impacted ways of working, culture and how working together as a team, more than ever, employee owners are collectively shaping Salad’s future.


“The challenge has been making employee ownership meaningful for colleagues”

Itec became employee owned in February 2019. A geographically dispersed team plus a pandemic made it challenging to engage colleagues in what becoming employee owned meant for them.

You will hear from Ceri Murphy, MD and Esther Barnes, HR Director of Itec about how two-way dialogue, communication and engagement has been essential, with a clear approach to constant, open and honest communication. Attention and resources has been dedicated to facilitating this so employee owners could see how they personally contribute to Itec’s success.

You will hear about the mechanisms that have been put in place for effective engagement and communication as well as how Itec’s employee forum has evolved to help strengthen trust between managers and employees, generate ideas and feedback in a confident environment, improve staff performance and wellbeing, and make decisions in a way that reduces risk of disagreement later.


In this session, you will learn:

  • How leadership changes - for the founder and the leadership team stepping up
  • Mechanisms for effective engagement and communication so that employees feel like owners
  • An approach to evolve your employee forum so it aligns to the priorities of the business
  • An honest account of lessons learned.

Hosted by Arabella Lewis-Smith & Ceri Murphy & Esther Barnes & Harry Pocknell